ART Active Release Therapy

Recently I have been the beneficiary of some therapy which includes the use of ART or Active Release Therapy which incorporates manual pressure through a range to promote active release of the tissues. While not the most pleasant therapy but it is producing results. and I am experiencing some gains. ART is a specialized certification for healthcare practitioners.


  1. I still remember so crlaley the first time I saw Jim’s work probably more than any other photo assignment I’ve ever had the pleasure of viewing. I was sitting in a car dealership flipping through a National Geographic back in 1997 (-ish) where I stumbled upon his North Woods Journal. The idea of being allowed only ONE frame a day for 90 days is still so intriguing to me. Really makes you think about pulling the trigger on a photograph, especially now when we can fire away in the digital world with little financial or material consequence to slow down and compose for your sole photograph of a day I still love it and strive to find such patience and discipline!

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