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CPR / AED Certification

We now offer in cooperation with the Jacksonville Sports Medicine Program & American Heart Association the CPR Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation and AED Automated External Defibrillation Certification. Instruction may take place individually or in groups as scheduled. Call us to schedule a time and for pricing information at 904.477.9291.

ImPACT Concussion System

Returning to play too soon (with unresolved symptoms) following a concussion can create a life threatening situation. Second Impact Syndrome is a real concern with all athletes, especially in the adolescent as their brains are continuing to develop. Making the proper and safe return to play decision is one that should be made by a Physician knowledgeable and trained in these conditions. There are several tools available for making these objective decisions and we are prepared to offer them to you and your athletes.

For safe return to activity after a head injury we utilize the ImPACT Concussion System and available for administering tests and having the results read by a licensed Physician. The Sports Concussion Program utilizes the ImPACT computerized neuropsychological testing as a part of a comprehensive set of tools to aid with the assessment, management, and safe return to play following a concussion.

Several of the tools we utilize are but not limited to: a Sideline Concussion Assessment Test (SCAT2) administered by a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC), a symptom checklist, neurological examination, balance testing, and supervised (by ATC) progressive exercise exertion program . We also utilize the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Acute Concussion Evaluation (ACE) form.

The ImPact baseline test should be performed every two years and re-tests should be conducted following any subsequent concussions prior to return to play. These tests may be scheduled at the Jacksonville Sports Medicine Program (JSMP) by calling 202-5320. You will be given the results for reading and interpretation by a Licensed Physician.
Contact us when you need concussion testing or SCAT2 evaluation @ 904.477.9291

Nutrition Tips

Brain Health: Dopamine = Energy & Focus

  • Creates brain energy
  • Enhances testosterone production
  • Keeps you mentally & physically energized throughout the day
  • Controls the body’s ability to turn food into fuel
  • Controls Food Cravings
  • Sources: eggs, animal proteins, protein powder, yogurt, mangoes, tomatoes, red peppers, raspberries, strawberries, watermelon, carrots, walnuts, bell peppers, golden zucchini, grapefruit, tofu, spinach, green peppers, zucchini, avocado, kiwis, pears, blueberries, & blackberries

Brain Health: Serotonin = Reset Button

  • Off switch for the brain& body
  • Important for mood, restoration, & quality sleep
  • Induces relaxation and is best increased after workouts & in the evening
  • Sources: red, golden & green apples, raspberries, strawberries, red cherries, kale

Brain Health: Acetylcholine = Mental Quickness

  • Provides lubrication and insulation for muscles, bones, and other internal systems
  • Low levels cause declined mental & physical quickness
  • Low acetylcholine levels often crave fat fried foods
  • Sources: eggs, fish, kidney beans, pineapple, chick peas, soybeans, asparagus, fava beans, black beans, & passion fruit

Understanding Sickle Cell Crisis

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