Take the “time out”, before the game begins

Take the “time out”, before the game begins
Jim Mackie, M.Ed, ATC, LAT
A good practice as you begin games is to take the time before a contest to introduce yourself as the Certified Athletic Trainer. It’s comforting and assuring to those who are glad you are there. An emergency situation is not the time to introduce yourself and to start claiming your professional turf. The outcome if often not good. How many times have we heard “I’m the trainer or I’m the Doctor (of what)? and that’s really not the case. This includes introductions to the game administrator, visiting athletic trainers, athletic training students,head coaches (your team & theirs), referees, EMS personnel, police. It’s a time to discuss procedure, facilities, to agree as to how things will be handled as situations arise. As the old adage goes: “Prior planning prevents poor performance.” So take the “Time Out” before the game.

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