Thank You to all the hard working Athletic Trainers

I am currently spending time preparing for the new year, counting my blessings, thankful for the wonderful opportunities and support from friends and colleagues this past year and looking forward to an outstanding 2011. We look forward to supporting you in whatever way we can.

Thank you to all of the Athletic Trainers out there who serve so many. You are a very selfless group who help many on their road to recovery as well as educate and prevent so much that could go wrong. Keep the faith and may this New Year bring favorable legislation for Athletic Trainers, acceptance by Medicare (CMS) so we can seek reimbursement, concussion legislation, coaches & parents who call us Athletic Trainers not always “trainers” and new opportunities to make a difference in the lives of those we serve. I am so grateful to all who helped me through this past year of transition and a re-invention of me within my profession.

It is so rewarding, as I experienced the other day, a former athlete coming out of the stands just to say thanks for keeping him on the field during his time at school. It is always encouraging just to hear those simple words, “Thank You.”

Yours in Good Health, Jim.


  1. Dear Jim, I watched the amianzg video of Ms. Holland running her race to victory this morning on GMA for her team mates & you. She spoke very highly of you & talked about your honesty. First let me congratulate you & your team. The purpose of this email is to ask if you know of any books that will help one’s family or someone that has been diagnosed with ALS? My 35 year old brother who was a very healthy, athletic, Police Officer, husband & father of 3 beautiful girls has been recently diagnosed with ALS. For some time we didn’t know what was wrong with him. It has taken a while to finally get a diagnosis. He currently walks with a walker to get around, gets very tired easy, & gets tremmors all the time. It seems that it is progressing very rapidly. Our family, especially our mother is having a really hard time dealing/understanding what to do or how to handle the situation. I was hoping that you can help me understand what he is feeling & going through & maybe you may know of a book that will be helpful. He is very sad to see us upset & he wants us to treat him as if he’s fine. He doesn’t want us to help him much & he spends a lot of time sleeping. I don’t know if this is his way of dealing with it or just wanting to seclude himself from everyone.I just wish we could give him some kind of hope. Also, do you know of any foundation that could help? Thank you for your time.Many Blessings,Catrina

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